Pro-NGO: quality management for social change

22. April 2021.

Pro-NGO - quality management for social change is a capacity building project for civil society organizations in Croatia. Project applicant Culture Development Association “CDA” implements this project with 5 different civil society organizations and with a Norwegien partner. The financial support for this project is 200.000 EUR and project duration is 36 months.

Innovative approach and engagement of civil society organizations in designing solutions make this project unique in creating tools for finance and administration for civil society organizations and capacity building for effective public communication of social impact of civil society organizations' (CSOs)  in Croatia.

Tools which organizations typically use for finance and administration don't meet the neccessary requirements of complexity for the work organizations carry out while there are no tools easily accessible in Croatian language. This is intervention in capacity building for CSOs in the sphere of finance and administration, development of innovative tools for organizations which they can use after this projects ends and improvement of CSOs' communication about the importance of resilient civil society organizations in a democratic society.

Proposed actions stem from experience organizations in project consortium gained during decades of active participation in different fields of CSO work and their expertize in social enterpreneurship which give them broad perspective and close inter-sectoral support („CDA“ and their experience with social enterprise Močvara, Gong and their experience with social enterprises GRIF and GES, O.A.ZA. and their experience with vegetarian restaurant Joyful Kitchen through their social enterprise PUTEM OAZAe, Association "MI" – Split and their experience in managing Mi center for care and assistance and Kajo Dadić Foundation, and Inclusive house Zvono and their experience with residential community and social cooperative Miva-art.

This project is focused on community building amongst civil society organizations for enhancing their resilience in times of crisis built around several CSO networks and nonformal initiatives, development of open-source web platform as a digital support for CSOs, education and mentorship program, handbook for financial management and administration for CSOs, internship program for financial managers and communication training regarding organization’s financial health and their social impact in order to build public trust and support.

Further, part of activities is focused on designing financial software for CSOs according to organization’s needs.

Progressive CSOs according to the definition of Active Citizenship Fond will benefit from this project and wide project consortium ensures project implementation across the whole country. Norwegien partner Scanteam with its longtime international experience ensures fresh perspective in regard to this innovation based project.

Contact person is Blaženka Sečkar (, and more information about the project can be found at