What are our goals?

A society that respects human rights and democratic standards. Equal and safe society in which citizens are actively and constantly fighting for their beliefs and values, without fear of being attacked or losing their jobs. A society in which the key values are justice, integrity, solidarity, empathy and common good.

Gong aspires to a society of citizens, not subjects. Citizens that will fight for common good in an organised and conscientious manner against individual interests. Citizens that will organise on their own initiative, participate in the civil society and advocate for improving the society and the democracy.

Gong is working on introducing and effectively implementing civic education in all the school in the Republic of Croatia. We want the students who are active and volunteer, who want to build a better world.

We want teachers, educators and professional associates open to gain new knowledge and skills in the subject of civic education.

We want them to be motivated to transfer the gained knowledge and skills to their students as part of regular classes and/or extracurricular activities. We want students who learn, question, participate…

We want empowered, loud and brave civic society that fights for the public interests. We want free, independent and critical media that are corrective to the society, not just mere transmitters of press releases.