Support Gong

How can you support Gong’s work?

  • Go to the polls and vote!
  • Report irregularities and non-transparent actions of the public administration if you come across them. Write to the competent institutions and bodies!
  • If the national institutions don’t hear you, contact the EU institutions!
  • Connect with like-minded people, start, or join a civic initiative to promote certain rights or defend the existing ones. Change the world in your neighbourhood, village, or city!
  • Advocate for equality of all the citizens in society!
  • Advocate for implementing civic education in Croatian schools!
  • Join a non-formal educative programme, education, or training.
  • Apply for Gong’s educations, contact us at!
  • Read the media critically, check the accuracy of the information!
  • Educate yourself, but also, educate the world around you on democratic and human right values and the rule of law.
  • Be inquisitive. Get informed and learn.
  • Join Gong’s crew of civil hackers Code for Croatia and open locked data!
  • Protest!
  • Volunteer at Gong!
  • Support Gong’s work with a donation and deposit money IBAN HR1724020061100906266.

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HR 1724020061100906266

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