How are we financed?

Gong drafts projects and programs, enlisting them to tenders and public calls by international institutions (European Commission, for instance), foreign investors (Open Society, embassies) as well as domestic investors (businesses, local government, the National Foundation for Civil Society Development, Ministries). All approved donations are published in the Annual report.

Gong is the owner of two daughter companies, GRIF Usluge d.o.o. and GES Savjetovanja d.o.o. and publisher of the fact-checking news portal Faktograf. Faktograf is partly funded by GRIF revenue and partly through project tenders carried by Gong. Faktograf's funding information is available HERE.

Activity Reports

Gong's finances are transparent, and though it is not our obligation, they annually include fundings, expense reports, donors, etc. on their web-site.

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