Production of content: the challenges and needs of youth

08. December 2016.

A youth workshop was held during January in Zagreb, that focused on the topic of participation in decision-making and the possibilities of using the Internet to express the needs of youth.


GONG continues to regularly organize educational activities for teachers and youth. On the 19th of January 2017 in Zagreb a pilot training on active citizenship was held, which will be made and further developed in collaboration with the GOOD initiative for systematic and efficient introduction of education for human rights and democratic citizenship, and a version of the training will be available online.

After the introductory training a production workshop was held, in order to assist the youth participants in the production of digital content. The digital content will then indicate their social problems and adress the needs of young people, and in doing so it will impact positively so that the voice of youth can be heard in the shaping of public policies that affect their lives. This particular workshop adressed the topic of youth mobility.