A Unified Voice in Support of Whistleblowing

09. June 2016.

Launched is the new website of the Southeast Europe Coalition on Whistleblower Protection. The site is the campaign, outreach, news and research hub for the whistleblower movement in Southeast Europe.

The SEE Coalition on Whistleblower Protection is a regional organization dedicated to strengthening legal protections and rights for whistleblowers, investigating whistleblower cases, and raising awareness of the value of whistleblowing to fight crime and corruption. The Coalition is comprised of more than 25 NGOs and other groups from 12 Southeast Europe countries.

The SEE Coalition on Whistleblower Protection works to enhance public awareness and acceptance of whistleblowing, by informing society about the essential contributions by whistleblowers to improve transparency and accountability in governments and corporations.

GONG and Saša Leković (head of the Croatian Journalists' Association) are Croatia based members of the coalition.

Too see some top stories, campaign central and victories please check the website.