Zagreb University students stage performance in tribute to slain Kenyan students

16. April 2015.

Zagreb University students staged a performance outside the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb on Thursday to commemorate 147 students killed on a university campus in Kenya earlier this month.

The performance began at 14 hours and 7 minutes, with 147 students wearing white T-shirts lying still on the ground for 147 seconds. Its purpose was to warn that the crime that happened in Kenya received insufficient coverage in the global media.

Exactly two weeks after that incident, we want to draw attention to the tragedy and student victims of terrorism in Kenya, sensitise the public and encourage a broader debate in the civil sector, public institutions and the academic community about the incident in Kenya and the context of the conflict in which this tragedy occurred, said Mate Vuksic of the Zagreb University Students' Union.

Masked gunmen from the Islamic militant group al-Shabaab from Somalia stormed the Garissa University campus in Kenya on April 2, killing 147 students. The attackers killed indiscriminately at first and then targeted Christian students. The attack was condemned by Pope Francis, among others, who described it as an act of senseless brutality.