Ombudswoman tells parliament citizens don't trust judiciary

17. October 2013.

Human Rights Ombudswoman Lora Vidovic said on Thursday that citizens do not trust the judiciary, saying that the government should work on strengthening that trust

"In complaints we received in 2012, citizens claim that the judiciary is not transparent, that it is inefficient and corrupt and this perception must be changed," Vidovic said in parliament on Thursday during a debate on her report, discrimination reports and a report on the work of the national prevention mechanism.

Of a total of 1,849 cases received in 2012, the Human Rights Ombudswoman's office has completed its proceedings in 1,321 cases, rendering 492 complaints unfounded.

Most of the cases referred to the judiciary. Complaints filed by arrested people followed, Other complaints referred to labour relations.

During the parliamentary debate, Vidovic recalled that World Poverty Day was being observed today, adding that a large number of complaints sent to her office were caused by poverty and unemployment.