Project Hands-On Policy Advocacy

01. November 2015.

In cooperation with partner organizations Association for Self-Advocacy from Zagreb and Association Terra from Rijeka GONG is implementing the project “Hands-on Policy Advocacy”. Project is financed by EU, and co-financed by Governments’ Office for Associations.

Main goal of this project, led by GONG, is to empower partner organizations for policy analysis and policy advocacy through video-activism, in thematic areas related socially vulnerable groups. Project activities foresee the needs and capacity assessment of partner organizations, and series of educational workshops tailored to identified needs and inclinations of partner organizations. GONG will hold workshops on policy analysis and policy advocacy and provide continuous mentorship support to both partner organizations throughout entire duration of the project. The knowledge and skills of lead and partner organizations in the field of video activism will be significantly improved through educational activities and mentoring support which will be provided by specialized organizations already recognized by high quality video production and experience in education.


GONG is a civil society organization founded in 1997 to encourage citizens to actively participate in the political processes. Its goal is promoting and elevating human and civil rights, as well as encouraging and empowering citizens to participate in the political processes. It celebrates dialogue culture, candor, transparency and responsibility in the public domain, while respecting human and civil rights through research, advocacy and education, on its own or in collaboration with individuals and/or organizations that share its values.

Association for Self-Advocacy

The Association for Self-Advocacy is a non-governmental, non-profit association founded in Zagreb in 2003. The association was founded by members of the self-advocacy group who through their long-term joint cooperation, gained skills of self-determination and self-advocacy with the aim of improving the position of persons with intellectual disabilities, and creation of a society where persons with intellectual disabilities will be equal citizens. To achieve this, a series of activities have been carried out to raise awareness about the rights of persons with intellectual disabilities and to strengthen their advocacy members and their involvement in decision-making about their own lives.

Udruga Terra (Terra Association)

TERRA Association is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 1998 under the initiative of a group of professional staff (doctors, pedagogues, psychologists, social workers) involved in the work with various local stakeholders and overseas organizations. The association was established with the aim of establishing mutual trust relationship in helping drug addicts and occasional drug consumers, that are not adequately covered by the health and social measures of existing institutions and public services, as well as reducing the damage caused by use of narcotics. The mission of the Association is to promote the idea of ​​humanity and philanthropy by working with vulnerable and marginalized groups, with the aim of developing a civil society and a community in which every individual can exercises their rights and develop into a responsible and influential society actor.