How to register to vote outside of your place of residence

21. October 2015.

If you will be outside of your place of residence (in Zagreb) on election day, contact by phone or email the Office for General Administration by Wednesday October 28 on any working day during the working hours of the office, or on Saturday October 24 anytime from 8:00-14:00. Nadležni uredi u Republici Hrvatskoj će na dan 28. listopada 2015. godine zaprimati zahtjeve do 16.00 sati. The appropriate offices in the Republic of Croatia will be accepting applications on October 28 until 16:00.

You will vote at a special polling station in Zagreb, you can check the address of you polling station here.

Contact the appropriate diplomatic or consulaor mission if you want to vote while abroad.

A request for voting outside your place of residence can be transferred via the e-citizens.

Access to the e-citizens is provided via:

- Account (Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure of Science and Higher Education in the Republic of Croatia)
- Personal certificate on Health Insurance
- Token device of Croatia Postal Bank
-Email services
- Use token/applications of Zagreb Bank