DIP reports Grabar Kitarovic winner of Croatia's presidential vote

19. January 2015.

The winner of Croatia's presidential election, Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic garnered 50.74% of the vote, that is 1,114,945 ballots, while the incumbent president Ivo Josipovic won 49.26% (1,082,436 ballots), the State Electoral Commission (DIP) reported on Monday after a repeated vote at a polling station in Karlovac on Sunday.

Thus, the new Croatian head of state who will take over the position on 18 February, won 32,509 more votes than the outgoing president.

DIP also stated that the turnout at the presidential election was 59.03%, and that there were 60,728 invalid ballots, or 2.69%.

A 48-hour deadline for appeals started running on Monday and if no complaint is received in the said period, DIP will declare the results as official and complete after that.