Who else is registered at my address?

30. April 2013.

Upon implementation of new Residency Act, and with upcoming local elections, GONG organizes a public debate "Who else is registered at my address?" on Monday, 6th of May 2013 from 10am to 12am at Human Rights House (Selska cesta 112c, Zagreb).

„There were instances where out  of 1.200  cases that were investigated, as many as hundred people or more did not reside at the address they were registered at“  -  Ranko Ostojić, Minister of Interior, emphasized  in Croatian Parliament, on 13th of March . Apart from cases where 10 people were registered to live in 30 square meters, one of the most common cases in Croatia was a problem of voting by deceased people. This should be prevented by quality engagement of police and their stronger involvement in the implementation of the new Residency Act.

The debate will be moderated by Sandra Benčić (Program Manager at Center for Peace Studies) and will be attended  by  representatives from Ministry of Interior, Alexandar Tolnauer, (President of Council for National Minorities) and Dragan Zelić (GONG Executive Director), who will present preliminary Report on implementation of Residency Act.

Following exposure, there will be a discussion with the interested public, lasting from 10:45am to 12:00am .